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I have a weeping wise woman inside of me. She’s weeping because she has been hiding for a very long time.

The wise woman inside of me knows about the medicine of the earth, Her essences and how to use them for healing. She knows about the natural seasons of every month, every year and the natural seasons of life. She knows about the mysteries of birth and death and how to live life in rhythm and cycles – her own and the bigger ones of the universe.

She knows that something needs to end before something else can begin and how to honor each transition, the pain of letting go, the grief and the sadness. She knows how to breathe through it. Her life experience – over many lifetimes – has given her wisdom and the knowing that the love and friendship we share with others is more important than any accumulation of material things. She has a deep yearning to not only step into her own gifts and powers but to be of service to others. She’s a healer, a teacher, and a mentor.

All of this I carry within me.

Recently, I felt an increasing call to let her out (even more), let her shine and let her share her gifts with the world. Not only for her own sake but because the world needs it, now.

So why is it that it feels so unsafe to do that?

As women many of us don’t feel safe being fully ourselves, be fully seen and visible. We fear rejection, ridicule and worst of all: exclusion from the tribe. We fit in to satisfy our deep yearning to belong not realizing that we need to be fully ourselves to magnetize the support and relations we desire and so deserve.

Traumatic experience of childhood when we are told we are wrong or weird or impossible to handle together with memories of persecution and abuse that is part of our female consciousness have taught us that it’s safer to hide and that the world doesn’t need what we have to offer.

Well, the tides have turned and the world desperately needs what the wise woman inside of us has to offer!

There is no magic pill that will make us feel safe from one day to the other. But we can start with ourselves: I see myself. We can start by deeply presencing our own feelings, our needs and desires.

We came here to be seen. It is our destiny to be visible – no matter how big or small our arena might be: our family, our community, our business or a national stage.

I’m realizing how strong my desire is to be seen in my whole beingness, my “crazyiness” really stepping into my inner knowing that I came here to be seen and to have a profound impact on the world. To accept and claim my powerful visible presence. To step into my authority.

Only then does she stop weeping.

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