Are you an Indigo Woman ready to come out of hiding?

Extraordinary levels of perception and sensitivity are exactly what the world needs – now more than ever – and women who will lead a global evolution in consciousness.

You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. You came here with a big mission.

Answer these 10 questions and discover if you’re an Indigo Woman.

If you care deeply about our planet and its people, believe in things unseen, and aspire to serve others with your unique gifts, it's time to Unlock your Indigo™.

"Unlike the life coaches who focus on personal success, wealth, and status on one end of the spectrum and “gurus” who are deeply spiritual but out of touch with how to apply the teachings to modern-day life on the other, Daniella and her life experience is a bridge that traverses the full spectrum."
Carolina S - San Diego, USA
Small Business Owner and Chef
"Daniella helped me to embrace my gifts and step confidently into my potential of becoming a change maker, trailblazer, and circuit breaker which I've always sensed but never really believed in."
Adriane W - Paris, France
Project Manager for the UN

Hi, I'm Daniella.

I am an Indigo woman and transformational coach who has been on a life-long journey to overcome limiting beliefs imposed by the material world, corporate culture, and modern-day institutions. I’ve learned to embrace my gifts in the spiritual realm with purpose and allowing to shine my light on the path that other Indigo women can follow toward self-actualization.

I know firsthand how to transmute decades of unhappiness caused by living a dualistic life struggling to grow in both the spiritual and material worlds.

In my personal coaching, workshops, and masterclasses I bring intuitive women into alignment so they may become a woman of influence and power.

The world seems to be crying out for a higher level of social consciousness, for fearless souls to look inward and skyward in search of transcendent solutions that overcome injustices and inequities with uncommon levels of compassion, awareness, and healing.

If you feel that stirring inside yourself it’s time to Unlock your Indigo™.

Here’s what I can already tell you:



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