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Pssst… coming up soon…!

You feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted – all the time. You always take care of others first.  Because when it comes to taking care of yourself you feel like you are not allowed to take the time, money or space.  And when you do, you feel guilty and lie you are a bad or selfish person.

You feel numb and disconnected from everything and everyone. And to be honest, that sometimes worries you. It’s like you don’t know yourself anymore and you can hardly recall the hopes and dreams of the little girl inside you.

You feel alone and lonely. What a relief it would be to admit to someone that you are struggling – even though from the outside your life looks picture perfect.

Now imagine the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca in October. Inhale the sweet and spicy scent of cypress and pine trees. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

Take a deep breath… and EXHALE!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone took care of you for a change? Spoilt and pampered you with good healthy food, inspiring conversations and emotional support?

The registration for our amazing, life changing retreat will open soon. So stay tuned for more information here!

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