From Scarcity to Abundance…

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From Scarcity to Abundance…

I recently read this article by Katherine Schafler – a NYC-based psychotherapist, writer and speaker – who talked about two toxic thoughts we might accidentally think every day. It starts when we wake up in the morning ends when we go to bed at night.

  • I didn’t get enough sleep!
  • I didn’t have enough time!

When I read this it really hit me… We are living in a scarcity culture! How often during the day do we think or say NOT ENOUGH..? How many of our long held beliefs revolve around not being enough. How many struggle with thoughts of:

  • I am not smart enough, not slim enough, not pretty enough…
  • I am not tough enough, not successful enough, not extraordinary enough…

Kathrine Schafler says: “When our default mode is set to scarcity, we basically train ourselves to seek out proof that we need more of everything. We focus on what we wish was different, and in doing so, we subtly reject all that we already have.”

That default setting of scarcity will bread hundreds and thousands of more scarcity thoughts. There’s not enough money. There’s not enough work. There are not enough clients out there for everyone. There’s not enough love to go around. Suddenly all we see is what we lack, what we don’t have or think we are not.

Our brain needs to focus on something and what it focuses on is based on our instructions. We have the capacity to program our brain with our thoughts.

That’s where gratitude comes in. By practicing gratitude – and by that I mean actively practicing it every day by writing down at least one thing you are grateful for – it trains our brain slowly and gradually shift its focus from what we think we lack to what we actually have. This shift might be subtle in the beginning. However, acknowledging where you have enough, or are enough, will also breed hundreds and thousands of thoughts that confirm abundance in your life. No matter what “enough” actually looks like for you.

Maybe suddenly you are able to realize you did get enough sleep. And you have enough time. You are creative enough or patient enough for the tasks at hand.

For me  however, the ultimate state of abundance comes when we realize WE ARE ENOUGH! You are enough. I am enough.

I strongly believe that this inner state of abundance is not only a shift in focus, it’s also a shift in experience. And the outer abundance will follow the inner. That’s when we can truly say we are in a state of abundance.

The bridge from scarcity to abundance is gratitude. And the belief that we are worthy of always having enough.

It also makes sense energetically. Scarcity is a function of the Solar Plexus chakra. That’s where lack, fear and anxiety, competition and the worry is stored. Gratitude opens up the heart. And the energy of the heart works its magic in transforming and transmuting the energies of the Solar Plexus and raise its vibrations. It’s where we experience abundance,  prosperity, generosity, compassion. And joy… And worthiness.

It took me a long time to understand this: Worthiness is a birth right. In the sense that our worthiness doesn’t depend on any conditions. We are worthy (and enough) just simply because we exist.

And that is something I am definitely grateful for.

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