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Stepping Into an Empowered Relationship with Life

Do you have a belief in something larger than yourself? A belief in an energetic force that is both a part of you and that you’re part of. You might feel it strongly sometimes — a flash of intuition, a sense of knowing, an irrepressible burst of energy and clarity about what you need, synchronicity that brings you to the right people or circumstances just when you need it.

At these times it’s easier to say, “I know that there’s an intelligence bigger than myself, a guiding force, that I’m connected to and that connects us to each other.”

Then something like this pandemic happens: your job is at risk, your business is coming to a halt, you’re worried about your health, the health of your loved ones, and what this means for your children, their education, and how you organize your daily life. Rules and restrictions changing almost daily. On top of your own challenges, you may feel even more stuck.

Suddenly, that faith in “something” may disappear or weaken. We can’t believe that a benevolent universe would allow all of this to happen. Or we wonder: What’s the “purpose” of it all? We contract and regress into a primitive survival part of ourselves. We literally pull our energy back into us, disconnecting from this larger life energy.

The irony is, it’s in these very moments that we most need the deeper wisdom, knowing, and support of a larger field in order to navigate the tough situations before us. We need our full creative power, intuition, wisdom, and courage.

What’s your belief in Spirit, the Universal, or Life when things are going well? And what’s your reaction in the face of disappointment, hurt, or setback? What story are you telling yourself about your place in the world and the support around you?

When we contract from an emotional blow, a hurt, shock, disappointment, or embarrassment we actually disconnect from the energy and power of that larger container. In this place, there’s no creative partnership. There’s no higher, deeper intelligence or knowing. It’s a closed-loop. We’re contracted and disconnected.

Know that in the moments when you need it most, it’s in your capacity to partner with this larger energy and intelligence in order to access all of the capacities, clarity, courage, intuition, and guidance you need to see you through.

We unlock the deep sense of being aligned with life and its support by transforming fear and anxiety into curiosity, wonder, and receptivity. It’s making a core shift into an empowered relationship with the energy, intelligence, and creative flow of life itself.

To step into an empowered relationship with life you need to re-frame your concerns and worries into living questions, asking from a place of curiosity, wonder, receptivity, and listening.

If you can hold this thought: If I believe all of life is organizing around my success, even if I can’t feel it and I have no evidence for it, what would your living question be?

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