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As I am writing this I have been in strict lockdown for over five weeks. In my part of the world, we are not allowed to go out for walks, sports or any unnecessary travel. Not being able to go out into nature, the isolation of not having any in-person contact has been tough for me. And I’m noticing how I am wearing thin.

But still, I can’t help but wonder if some of this isn’t a blessing – for me personally and for humanity overall.

I truly believe that any limitation we experience in our lives – be that on a personal or a global level – is an opportunity to learn a lesson. That’s how the Law of Karma works. We are limited in our bodies, our gifts, and our opportunities to focus on some specific areas that need our attention.

This pandemic – and the lockdown that goes with it – really gives us an opportunity on a global level to cool down, calm down, simplify and go back to basics. I feel our lives have become so overheated. We are so busy and running around all the time. There are so many activities and opportunities to distract ourselves. We are zapping around the world as if there was no tomorrow. For many of us, life has slowed down. It’s back to simple living: preparing food at home, spending time with family, keeping in touch virtually with friends all over the world Some of my friends – guiltily – even admit that they are enjoying this time. No running around picking kids up from school, playdates, trying to fit so much into 24 hours. Doesn’t it feel like some pressure is off?

I have been going back to my mediation practice. Spending time in my garden and finally starting the vegetable patch I have been planning for years but never got around to. I am spending less money on material things. I am taking time to feel into what is opening up for me – my fears, the things I haven’t dealt with.

When people ask me what I am looking forward most to do when the lockdown eases up is very simple: going to my favorite coffee shop, meeting up with my friends. Going out to a beautiful spot near the sea and have lunch. It’s human contact I am craving most. We are people who need people.

Why not take this time to ask ourselves: What could be the blessings in this? What do we need to come to terms with this new reality? What changes have we made that we would like to bring into this new reality? What aspects of our old life can we do without?

At the end, I wish we could also change our beliefs about death. It is a natural part of life. When we identify with our true essence, we realize there is only ever light. We are limitless. We will get through this – as one humanity.

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