I've been in the business of coaching people, helping them to expand, grow and realize their highest potentials for the past 20 years.

Always passionate about healing and understanding the inner workings of human beings  – body, mind, soul and spirit – I was drawn to meditation, psychology and spiritual knowledge from a young age.

I was introduced into the world of energy out of a desire and yearning to use my sensitivity and intuition in a practical way and for the benefits of others. I found Energy Expert, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and learned to use energy to accelerate healing on all levels through a technique called Pranic Healing and have been working with this method for the past 15 years. I was also introduced to higher levels of meditation and the path to develop and grow as a soul through his spiritual path of Arhatic Yoga – a synthesis of different yoga techniques.

“Pranic Healing has changed my life in terms of physical health but also emotional strength and inner clarity of what I want from life. It has helped me to release a lot of emotional and spiritual pain and fill that emptiness inside me.” 


My beliefs and life strategies were put to a test when I hit a health crisis having suffered a sequence of severe accidents and the loss of a loved one. Feeling disillusioned with my reality at the time I went on a path of inner transformation, investing time and energy into self exploration, releasing old patterns, and finding my true calling and purpose.

One of the biggest insights I gained is that there are as many life paths as there are humans.

Yet we are made to believe that we should all follow the same standards.

My exploration took me on a journey to discover my own unique, individual and beautiful life path – the one that I was created for. This process also taught me a lot of patience and to be present with myself in the loss of part of my identity (leaving my corporate job of 4 years), loss of structure (starting as a self employed coach), and loss of a place. The most challenging part of transitions is that we have to let go of the old without knowing exactly how the new will look like – while we are in the process of creating it.

However, it awakened in me the desire for others to see and experience life in a new and different way, contributing on the highest level and carving out their own lifepath. I know for a fact it’s possible.



Today I am a Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Licensed Pranic Healing Instructor, a Pranic Healing Energy Therapist, a doTerra Wellness Advocate and a contributing writer for Sibyl Magazine – For the Soul and Spirit of Women for the past 3 years..

In my workshops, coaching intensives with individuals and essential programs with groups and the retreats I’m guiding on the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Mallorca, Spain where I live, I’m combining all of my knowledge and experience sharing my passion for transformations, holistic healing, spirituality and natural solutions for health and wellbeing. I’m a catalyst for growth and expansion for others, a natural carer and holder of a safe and sacred space and someone who can be present in the face of all the human emotions. I support and guide you on your journey of transition into the awakening of your own deeper purpose and untapped bigger potential.

“My passion is to see others grow beyond their limiting beliefs, old patterns and conditioning that is preventing them from finding their purpose and realizing their potential. I see it as my mission to awaken the people to their true identity which is that of a spiritual being, a soul – immensely powerful, the co-creator of the current reality and with the inherent desire to manifest its purpose – to manifest its greatness.

When we see and experience ourselves as souls living in a physical body and in a physical world it changes everything. It changes our relationships, our connection to our bodies, the way we treat others, the way we treat animals, our planet. It changes how we parent, how we lead, do business, even how we see and manage life challenges, setbacks and breakdowns.”

Simultaneously, it is the calling of our time to be practical, organized and grounded in the physical world. It is my unique gift to combine the highest and loftiest spiritual ideas with practical advice and inspired actions, translating it into ways to live our daily lives – along with my kindness, openness and sense of humor – that makes me an outstanding coach and extraordinary human being.

Your deeper desires are real.
What you knew intuitively as child or young adult is real.
Our deeper desires will lead us to our greatest strengths.
It's a potential that has been planted in you since the very beginning.


Certifications in:

  • 2019: Certified Strategic Intervention Coach by Tony Robbins – Core 100, Core 200 and Family Intervention Coach
  • 2018: IIN Integrative Health Coach
  • 2015: Art Therapist (BA in Arts)
  • 2009: Change Management
  • 2008: Project Management
  • 1998: Master of Law from the University of Berne, Switzterland

Other experiences and training:

  • Licensed Pranic Healing Instructor
  • Licensed Meditation Teacher
  • Wellness Advocate for doTerra Aromatherapy Oils since 2010
  • 15 years of practicing Arhatic Yoga – a synthesis of higher meditations and Character Building
  • Diversity Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Community Management
  • Assessor and Train the Trainer for other Assessor
  • Trainer for Competency Based Feedback
  • Time Management Trainer and Train the Trainer

Do you have an idea for collaboration? A question or a comment? Let’s connect and make this world a more beautiful place together. It all starts with you.

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