Forged in the Fire

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Forged in the Fire

Forged in the Fire

When I started to put my feet firmly on the spiritual path something curious happened. Something that nobody told me or talked about. Or maybe they told me and it was the prerogative of the young disciple not to listen.

Stepping on the spiritual path for me meant more than reading a couple of books and visiting a few workshops. It meant that – however faintly – I started to recognize myself as a soul. Deep down I committed myself to raising my consciousness and developing all aspects of my heart. I attempted to control my emotions and cultivate my mind. I acknowledged myself as a co-creator of my world with my beliefs and thoughts. I awakened to the reality that we are all connected and that this essence I sensed within myself could be found in everyone and everything. There came the point of no return where it was impossible to go back to the superficial distractions that had been so much fun before. I stopped blaming others and started taking true responsibility for my own life.

That’s when life to became more difficult – before it got easier again.

At first, I was exhilarated by the spiritual experiences of bliss, overflowing love for all, of connectedness and freedom. Then I went back to my daily life and all hell broke loose. The tests seemed to roll in one after the other like waves crashing against my well-constructed shore of identity. Vibrations changed almost monthly as one super full moon or solar eclipse chased the other. And when new people walked into my life I could already smell that they were messengers for yet another lesson I needed to learn.

It was draining physically, emotionally and mentally unsettling rmy relationships, health, my work, and finances.

Why am I talking about this? Because I want to explain what I mean by Inner Alchemy. Alchemy is the Art of Transformation. The goal of alchemy is to produce something that – left to its natural process – would otherwise take a very long time to bring forth. Lead will eventually be transmuted into Gold. Evolution – or the Law of Karma – will eventually ensure that we develop and raise our consciousness from the coarse to a more wholesome and radiant vibration.

However, when I stepped onto the spiritual path I willingly submitted myself to this “art-ificial” alchemical process of transformation. I chose to be facilitated. The development was accelerated and with that, the lessons came quicker, the tests were harder and the strain on the bodies was increased. However, at the same time, I was given all the tools I needed to deal with these situations.

I am given the opportunity to transform my life experiences into wisdom. That is my Gold. The highest form of consciousness that is not just imparted, it is wrought and forged in the fires of our battles.

If you feel you are struggling too, let me tell you: Welcome! You are on the right path.

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