3 Reasons Why I Love Tony Robbins

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3 Reasons Why I Love Tony Robbins

I came across Tony Robbins a few years ago and first thought he’s a marketing guru. Then I thought all he does is NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and – to be honest – I thought he was quite “American” with his impressive posture and booming voice. And – to be very honest – I wasn’t sure I liked him.

However, I kept being drawn to his videos and I was intrigued by his way of effecting change in people in a very intense and strategic way and – what impressed me most – in a very short amount of time. Some people argue: yes, but is it sustainable?

So here are my three reasons why love Tony Robbins. And I am not just saying that because I  am being trained in his Strategic Intervention as a Master Life Coach…

  1. As I said, watching Tony work with people and go through an entire intervention with him I am in awe to see the changes people go through in just 60 – 90 min. And I personally do believe that the change is sustainable because I agree with Tony when he says: Change happens in an instant. The road that leads to it might be long but there comes this moment when you say: enough is enough! I am done! It is this famous moment of: One day I woke up and… I have experienced this moment myself many times so I know it is true. That’s when you walk into your bosses office, or have that difficult conversation with your partner or hit the sign me up button.
  2. I  am also intrigued by his intuition and awareness. Again, watching him work with people I realize how he notices the smallest change, a shift in expression or posture, a change in breathing or energy. Again, I agree with Tony when he says that the body reacts to truth – even the uncomfortable ones – with a positive feedback. It is the mark of a truly amazing and experienced coach to pick up on these small yet important shifts to guide the person to more truth and aliveness.
  3. I also appreciate Tony’s drive to end the suffering in people. I do believe him when he says that this is the drive to do what he does. Honestly, I don’t think you can keep up your energy at such a high level if you don’t have an inner drive and calling to do this work. Does he make a shit load of money in the process? Yes! He does! And why the hell shouldn’t he? If someone helps you to end your suffering, if they pull you out of the false stories you have been telling yourself all your life, if they help you to gain a new perspective on life and transform it into an extraordinary one where you live your highest potential, you show up with your gifts in the world and you help and serve others in the process – let’s be honest – isn’t that worth a million?
So yes, that’s why I signed up to be trained by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes as a Strategic Intervention Coach because sometimes all you need is that little push, that light bulp moment that illuminates your mind and helps you to see everything clearly. It is these moments that I live for as a coach as well.

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