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The way we lead our lives is the way
we create our destiny.

Feeling stuck or even like you are on the wrong path? That can be so frustrating! It feels like something is missing. Or you feel lost and confused not sure where to go with your life. And with no energy for your business, your relationships – your life? Has life crushed your soul? And you’ve tried everything to fix your burnout but nothing seems to work.

You know there is more to life than this but you don’t know where to start or what steps to take. It can make you feel frustrated, hopeless and alone. And you feel powerless and overwhelmed with making a change. There must be a better way to navigate difficult transitions.

This is where I come in.

I can help you move beyond your stress, burnout, pain, shame, sense of failure and self-sabotage to live with clarity, confidence, soul-deep connection and radiant inner light. I’m inviting you an a healing journey that is intentional and conscious. Learn how to make changes where it matters most for you personally – from the inside out. 

I truly believe that every breakdown, every burnout, every experience of crisis is an opportunity to learn, grow, evolve, and move one step closer to who you came here to be.

No matter how painful the experience may be.

If you've climbed the ladder just to realize it's up against the wrong wall - we need to talk!

Hi, I’m Daniella, The Breakthrough Coach – a transformational coach for women. I specialize in empowering you to focus on your own growth, uncover your dreams and passions so you can soar with what is greatest within you and become the wise, powerful woman that you’re meant to be.

It starts with embracing where you are in your life – what’s working and what isn’t. And creating a vision of who you want to be and what you want to do with the rest of your life, tapping into your power of intuition, curiosity, connectedness and creativity

     I can help you to reach higher and go deeper so you can pull the fragmented parts of yourself together and reconnect them into a NEW YOU on the other side.

If you change your story – you change your life!

“The Transformational Coaching with Daniella and her 12 week Breakthrough Program is the most rewarding and powerful approach to personal transformation I have experienced” – Marike S – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Breakthrough Programs
that work for you.

Single session

Working from the comfort of your own home, the CLARITY IS POWER Coaching session provides a step by step process that frees you from your old stories about who you are and help you to get crystal clear about where you want to go –  coming from a place of your own inner WHY. In the process you get the insights needed to create your own compelling future.

1 - 1 Intensives

Your Soul and Spirit are yearning to grow. Working together in one of my GO BEYOND YOURSELF 1-1 coaching programs, I can help you recognize the old stories you hold about yourself, others and the world. You get the systems, support and accountability to transform your old identity and breakthrough to a new identity so you can  start to live  life on your own terms.


Come together with other like-minded women to experience the power of change and transformation. Change your story – change your life! All workshops focus on a certain aspect of being a female change-maker in the world today. Break through your double bind of power and start to participate in your own rescue with community and connection.

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News: Join me and 30 other guest speakers in

Are you looking for a lifeline of support?
Are you ready to awaken to the new consciousness that’s emerging?
And would you like some tools that will support your awakening journey?

I’m so excited to be a guest speaker at this powerful summit of AWAKEN THE GODESS WITHING. It’s running from February 5th – 13th and I’d like to share this powerful interview series with you that I am honored to be a part of with 32 other transformational experts – one of them the wonderful Neal Donald Walsch, a universal spiritual teacher and the author of the series “Conversations with God”.

The great awakening is happening now and it is so important to have tips, tools, and wisdom to help guide your spiritual awakening journey.

The “Awaken the Goddess Within” global summit will inspire, educate, give you tools to support your awakening journey, ignite your passion into purpose so you may step into your power, align to your soul purpose & become the person YOU came here to be.

Join me and other influential thinkers, teachers, and experts in their field as we converse about the awakening journey, God, Goddess, the Divine Feminine, Priestess activation, energy healing & activation, chakras, meditation, yoga, womb healing & conversations about Mary Magdalene, and many tools to help support your awakening journey as we energetically awaken to the new paradigm.

It’s time to awaken the Goddess within.

Please consider upgrading for the backstage pass where you get lifetime access to all the videos, a bonus gift from all the speakers and many other goodies! It’s gonna be worth it

Looking forward to being with all of you!

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