Hi - I'm Daniella!

Hi, I’m Daniella.

I teach conscious and awakening Women the transformational steps for embracing their unique gifts and unlocking their Power, Purpose and Potential – creating conscious health, careers and businesses.

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Through her one of a kind transformational courses and programs (The Indigo Blueprint™ and The Intuition Blueprint™) and her personalized 1-1 coaching programs (The Indigo Accelerator™, The Conscious Business Accelerator™) Daniella inspires a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can do this” for conscious and awakening Indigo Women to become business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders teaching them to how to understand their Indigo Self  better – their gifts and challenges and how to transform their potential into impact.

She proves that by moving from external expectations and reacting from your limiting beliefs to connecting with your own inner truth and consciousness, even the most introverted and “unseen” Indigo Woman can bypass years of being stuck in self-doubt, confusion and overwhelm, and instead generate clarity, focus and exciting momentum as she move closer to building a life and business she loves.

Extraordinary levels of perception and sensitivity are exactly what the world needs now – more than ever – to help lead a global evolution in consciousness.

I’m a Soulful Leadership Coach for Indigo Women. I provide transformational experiences to independent women with an independent soul. Being an Indigo Woman myself I believe in the power of Indigo Women to change the world.

As you bring your unique sensitivity, creativity, and intuition to create purpose-led enterprises and endeavors in all walks of life, you’re embracing your Indigo Mission to co-create new ways of being that benefits all life on earth.

You’re in the right place if you’re…

  • Ready to come out of hiding
  • Feeling a stirring inside you to do “more” with your life (even though you’re not exactly sure what that is)
  • Looking for a safe, welcoming, and accepting place to be curious and look inward
  • Craving tools and techniques to propel yourself forward on your own unique journeys toward self-actualization
  • Tired of going from strategic planning and logical goal setting to just surrendering everything to the universe and waiting – not feeling at home in either extreme

And feeling stuck because you’re…

  • Turned off by “gurus” who go off into spiritual spheres and yet fail to answer how to apply these principles in modern day life
  • Disappointed by previous programs that just scratch the surface
  • Tired of feeling powerless to create what you really want despite being a smart, conscious, caring and gifted woman
  • Intimidated by opening your personal pandorra’s box of your old stories and limiting beliefs all by yourself
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The 12-week transformational coaching with Daniella is the most rewarding and powerful approach to personal transformation I’ve experienced.”

Britta Rendlen – Sustainable Finance Expert and Consultant to the UN

Get to know me

Start by finding out if you’re an Indigo Woman and discover my
that changed my life.

What I offer

Spiritual awakening is my passion.
Transformational coaching is my jam.

Our World Needs Your Unique Indigo Expression

The Indigo Woman Academy lifts up Indigo Women from all walks of life to activate a more just, humane, sustainable world today.

I offer transformational experiences that helps you to embrace your Indigo Mission. Part art, part science, my programs become the bridge between a grounded and practical approach with a deeply spiritual alignment. The Indigo Woman Academy gives you the roadmap, the experiences and the network to fly higher.

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